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A Google TV Check-up – Bracing for battle

As rumors fly today about Google reportedly asking its hardware partners to hold off showing their new products at CES next month, I thought it might be a good time to check in on Google TV.  Between disappointing early reviews and sales, it was difficult to see a solid use-case or ideal customer for the product.  Given the existing options […]

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What is HDBaseT? But I just bought HDMI?!?!?!

HDBaseT 1.0 is a newly-announced hardware standard for connecting audio/visual devices like televisions, stereo receivers, Blu-ray players, computers, etc…. Similar to an HDMI cable, it is able to transmit fully uncompressed digital HD video and audio, but it does so over traditional cat5/6 ethernet cables with the usual RJ-45 connectors.  It will not, however, allow you to use standard ethernet […]

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What is Google TV good for anyways?

Google’s announcement at their i/o conference about Google TV is an exciting one for both A/V nerds and tech/web geeks. Turning your TV into an “open” (I use the word tentatively) platform for development is as enticing a goal as consumer electronics has presented to the larger tech community in a long time. The honest truth is that while the […]

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Heavy Rotation – “Enemy of the State”

Lupe Fiasco spitting hot fire over Radiohead. “School of Hard Knocks, I dean it// I done it, as well as a celebrated alumnus// I donate to the campus and my name’s on the arenas// But you can’t bring it to my court// Not even with subpoenas// Cause you can’t play my sport// But you can still cheer-lead us// And you […]

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Apple iPad Reaction – No Flash

I followed yesterday’s iPad announcement with a good amount of excitement. Anyone who knows me will tag me as a bit of a gadget head, so maybe it has just been too long since I’ve gotten myself a new toy. Regardless, my personal expectations for the day were mixed, but I always do hold out some hope for a surprise […]

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